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2018 EMBEDDED IOT will feature insights on the three main IoT applications of: Connected transportation, Smart elevators and Industry 4.0. Under the spotlight: embedded IoT solutions with sensor networksIIoT platforms, certifications, the most used HMI modules.

Key business topics this year: Smart Environment, Smart Parking, eHealth, Waste Management and Smart Lighting. Thanks to the collaboration with partners and trade associations the event will also feature live demo areas and “hands on” experiences on innovative IoT solutions for the respective technologies.


Since its beginning in 2002, embedded technology for wireless applications have always been part of the M2M Forum program. This year the event features a special conference track on this subject.


EMBEDDED IOT is a B2B event for electronic designers, firmware developers and technicians. They have the opportunity to gain access to an impressive technology update, given that all the IoT industries are participating all under one roof.


The event is also innovative in its format: not only expo and conferences, but also business meetings and networking. 2018 Edition will give participants the opportunity to take part to the third year of IoT Valley Tour to discover the territory excellences.


2018 FOCUS

The transport and logistics industries have always been looking for solutions to the problems that have plagued them for decades, the safety of the passenger and the driver, the carbon emissions and the inefficiencies related to the Asset Management. Innovative solutions help to ensure that the connected systems used today solve these problems in a definitive way.

The concentration of the population in large inhabited centres and the consequent development in height of the buildings has placed at the centre of Smart Mobility also the intelligent lifts, that is to optimize the movements up or down. By adopting smart elevators passengers will be diverted to the lift that will lead them to their destination with the fewest stops.

Internet of Things and Internet of Services make easier the efficient and accurate operation in the industrial sector.
As a consequence embedded technology enable the new industrial revolution.



IOTHINGS and EMBEDDED IOT offer an exclusive opportunity to find a direct contact with market experts. On this occasion also a networking Dinner will take place for speakers, Sponsors, Partners and Institutions.
This will be for sure a unique chance to meet and develop the IOT (and not only) business and relationships.


Since 2007 IOTHINGS and EMBEDDED IOT have been offering IOT MATCH, the reserved way for Sponsors and exhibitors to directly meet one-to-one visitors taking part to the event, thus increasing lead generation and partnership opportunities. In 2017 126 meetings were scheduled and organized with experts coming from 12 different countries.


IOTHINGS and EMBEDDED IOT have always offered a special program and agenda for innovative Startups and SMEs specialized on IoT. They can take part to the event at special fees both as a sponsor or as exhibitor.
It can also participate in the SPOTLIGHT: an exclusive meeting between pre-selected Startups and italian/foreign investors.





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