IoT Market Insights

  • Assessing recent developments in M2M/IOT marketplace
  • Identifying key innovators and potential disruptors
  • Examining evolving stakeholder strategies

Meeting future privacy requirements 

The two major challenges for IoT are Security and Privacy - Privacy being the biggest one. Security incidents have been part of our daily lives since years and following an apology, sometimes even with someone fired, the problem is fixed and people forget surprisingly fast. When it comes to privacy people are still quite relaxed and combine signing legal agreements without reading them with posting photos on Facebook. Privacy requirements will increase over time and services without an architecture capable of coping with new privacy requirements will have to be rebuilt. 

Blockchain and Internet of Things: why a perfect match 

While blockchain gained a lot of interest particularly in the FinTech domain, it is in the IoT space that most of the advantages brought by blockchain could be exploited. In this talk you will see how blockchain can help in addressing some of the most challenging problems of IoT such as scalability, security, data privacy and why the decentralised nature of blockchain perfectly matches with the intrinsic distributed and decentralised nature of IoT.

Challenges in the Internet of Things

This session is dedicated to removing the barriers to IoT connectivity, scaling operations in a secure and efficient way, thus motivating customers to expand their and your business. The existing choice of IoT connectivity solutions is continuously increasing. There is still a lack of secured, affordable and scalable connectivity services to support innovative, fast-growing start-ups and SMEs with their mission to connect everything and everywhere.

IoT is the ultimate and absolute convergence of communications and information technologies with an inter-dependence of all players on each other, leading to a collective success or failure of the entire ecosystem. So far, many developers, start-ups and SMEs often have to compromise on security to make a viable business case.

This session will be a great opportunity to discover the latest trends of IoT connectivity solutions for companies of all sizes to fulfill their needs.

IoT data platforms

Apache Kafka is a de-facto standard in most IoT data platforms and stream processing solutions. Kafka is the ideal solution to ingest and process sensor data at scale and in real time. This talk introduces Kafka, Confluent (the company driving Kafka evolution), typical IoT architectures and solutions.


The first ever meeting about the IoT emerging roles in end-user companies


May 16 – 2:30 pm- 5:00 pm
Room Gazebo

2:00 pm    Welcome Greetings

Saluto ai partecipanti e presentazione del progetto IoT Convivio, creato da Innovability e dedicato alla nascente figura del Chief IoT Officer.

Gianluigi Ferri, Organizzatore IOTHINGS e Founder Innovability

2:20 pm   Overview Session

Il mondo IoT comprende una vasta gamma di oggetti connessi e di servizi evoluti tra loro molto diversi: smart city, healthcare, industry 4.0, transportation, ecc. sono alcuni ambiti in cui la “rivoluzione” sta trasformando il modo di lavorare e produrre, oltre alla vita quotidiana di tutti noi. La tecnologia IoT rende gli asset fisici aziendali intelligenti sia per potenziare e sviluppare una migliore gestione degli stessi, sia per creare nuovi servizi.

Verso il profilo del Chief IoT Officer, stratega e multidisciplinare

Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, BEECHAM RESEARCH

  • Riassunto dei punti principali emersi dagli incontri di IoT Convivio 2016
  • IoT come strumento strategico in azienda impone sfide e fattori chiave da considerare
  • Esempi di Chief IoT Officer o figure similari
  • Definire il profilo del Chief IoT Officer: un cammino per il 2017

Non solo Chief IoT Officer: le figure professionali in corso di definizione

Gaetano Pellegrino, OPEN GATE ITALIA

  • Nuovi profili professionali ed evoluzione delle esistenti posizioni
  • Università e imprese: stato dell’arte della formazione di conoscenze tecnico-disciplinari che le imprese necessitano per affrontare le sfide IoT
  • Identificare e neutralizzare le minacce cyber dell’IoT e conoscere aspetti legali ed etici sui dati: quali skill sono oggi necessari
  • Ecosistema IoT e modelli di business, organizzare le risorse per i progetti IoT

3:00 pm Nb-IoT, new Frontiers for Vodafone IoT in the B2B ecosystem
Michele Frassini, Country Manager IoT, VODAFONE ITALIA

3:20 pm  Panel: Internet of Things: uno strumento anche per le PMI?

  • Gestire un progetto IoT in una PMI: fattori di successo e criticità
  • Big Data e IoT Analytics a supporto dei processi decisionali e della digital transformation
  • Infrastrutture per l’analisi e la gestione dei dati generati da IoT
  • IoT e Industry 4.0: come innovare l’azienda con investimenti limitati e misurabili

Chairman: Alex  Curti, Innovation manager, COMONEXT

  • Gordan Rancic, Ingegnere Capo Lighting, LUX ITALIA
  • Katy Mastorci, Azienda Agricola VITIOVITEC
  • Marco Palazzetti, Amministratore, GRUPPO PALAZZETTI
  • Massimiliano Magri, IT Manager, COSTERGROUP

4:20 pm  Round table: Ecosistema IoT e modelli di business, organizzare le risorse per i progetti IoT

  • L’IoT sta diventando una scelta strategica: quali fattori bisogna considerare in fare questa scelta?
  • E’ necessario mettere in moto diversi progetti IoT in parallelo, ma consapevoli l’uno dell’altro?
  • Bisogna focalizzarsi su uno solo? E quindi quali sono le considerazioni da fare su un progetto IoT? Considerazioni tecnologiche? Considerazioni di gestione? Come misurare il successo?
  • Qual è il ruolo dei dati all’interno del paradigma dell’IoT? Come è possibile sfruttarli per generare valore da essi?

Chairman: Stefano Maifreni, Founder, EGGCELERATE

  • Stefano Faccio, Process Automation Manager, PIRELLI TYRE
  • Paolo De Vecchi, R&D Manager, ENSTO ITALIA
  • Andrea Gandola, Senior Product Manager, SOL
  • Massimo Fontanili, R&D Director, DEFOND

5:45 pm Q&A e meeting time

Momento dedicato a Q&A con analisti e altri partecipanti presenti

6:30 pm Networking Cocktail

Global scenarios and technology trends

May 17 – 9.30 am – 1:00 pm
Room Gazebo

Key Takeaways

  • The IoT ecosystem, overcoming business models and revenue opportunities
    Privacy management as one of the most important factor for IoT monetization
  • IoT connectivity strategies and standardization
  • Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology and other disruptive developments that have the potential to drive the business value
  • The complex and fast changing landscape of IoT Platforms
  • Managing and analyzing Big Data in IoT business applications

Chairman: Abraham Joseph, Founder and Editorial Director, IOT Insights

9:15 am Welcome address by the event organizer

9:30 am IoT Market Insights  abstract
Abraham Joseph, Founder and Editorial Director, IOT Insights

9:50 am Unlocking the power of IoT through Big Data
Barbara Pareglio, Technology Director Connected Living Programme, GSMA

10:10 am Meeting future privacy requirements  abstract
Magnus Melander, CEO & Owner, Wbird

10:30 am Blockchain and Internet of Things: why a perfect match   abstract
Fabio Antonelli, Head of Open IoT Research Area, Create-Net

10:50 am Artificial Intelligence of Things: IoT Platforms Looking at Artificial Intelligence
Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

11:10 am Coffee break

11:30 am Enrico Scarrone, Chairman, ETSI Smart M2M

11:50 am Challenges in the Internet of Things  abstract
Parag Mittal, Chief Commercial Officer, Soracom

12:10 pm Enterprise Application Enablement Platforms accelerating the IoT Solution Development and Integration Process
Demetris Papailiou, Business Development Director, Yodiwo 

12:30 pm IoT data platforms abstract
Paolo Castagna, Senior Sales Engineer, Confluent

12:50 pm Q&A

1:00 pm End of session

The first ever meeting about the IoT emerging roles in end-user companies


May 17 – 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Room Gazebo

OPEN DISCUSSION: Open Innovation and investment: strategies, business models and tools to foster the  the enterprises innovation process

Moderator: Roberta Gilardi, CEO, G2-Startups

2:30 pm Opening remarks
Roberta Gilardi, CEO, G2-Startups

2:45 pm Open Discussion – Speakers:
Giuseppe Donvito, P101
Matteo Panfilo, United Ventures
Guido Pezzin, LVenture Group
Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO, Knowhedge
Cristiana Molina, CEO, Elexes

Representatives from end-user companies

3:40 pm End of session 

3:45 pm- 6:00 pm STARTUP SPOTLIGHT: a group of selected startups and scaleups pitch their business projects to a panel of corporate ventures, corporate accelerators, incubators and venture capitalists

Speech by: