The leading Italian conference on M2M and IoT


MS1 World market overview, technology trends and industry driving factors of M2M-IoT technologies

MS2 Regulation scenarios for the widespread availability of the IoT digital technologies

MS3 Between new business models and Open Innovation, the changing shape of the IoT ecosystem


BT1 Technology and solutions: the news for the enterprises world

BT2 Supporting the business decision-making process through Big Data and IoT Analytics

BT3 Cloud and fog computing, infrastructures for analyzing and acting on IoT data

BT4 The IoT backbone: analyzing the LPWA, LTE-5G and satellite networks

BT5 Wi-Fi and Short Range technologies, the role in the IoT connectivitiy landscape

BT6 The infrastructures transformation: from Data Centers to Field Services, key issues for addressing the IoT needs

BT7 Managing privacy and legal issues for IoT systems

BT8 IoT for Trade: the role of the channel in offering IoT Cloud services to help companies in the daily management of “smart objects”

The conference for the embedded technology in the l’Internet of Things space


EB1 Overview of the embedded market, technology trends and development in the medium and long term

EB2 2 Make or Buy? Pros, cons and myths of choice to develop a component or product internally versus that of buying the same on the market

EB3 3 Risk management: how to evaluate vulnerabilities and avoiding the consequences of faults and compromise

EB4 E Meet the needs of end users, as well as the technological performance in different vertical markets such as service proposals


ET1 EIoT Security: from single component to the integrated system, State of the art and sizes available today to face the threats

ET2 IoT and standards certification for many layers of “things”. How to navigate in a constantly evolving panorama

ET3 Bluetooth 5, ZigBee & co.: opportunities and critical technologies available today for connectivity (and co-connectivity) of embedded systems

ET4 Hardware technology: challenges in and around embedded modules, batteries and SIM to support development of IoT


Moments dedicated to technological insights provided by the companies.
(to be defined)

The conference for the Internet of Energy with insights on smart grids, metering, energy storage and efficient energy use


GM1  Overview del mercato, trend tecnologici ed elementi di sviluppo di Internet of Energy

GM2  Le opportunità da cogliere con l’estensione delle infrastrutture Smart Grid oltre la semplice distribuzione. Mercato e trend tecnologici.

GM3  Fattori abilitanti per i nuovi servizi e miglioramento della customer experience



GB1 Smart Grid come acceleratore tecnologico per lo sviluppo delle Smart Cities: l’integrazione nelle infrastrutture urbane e l’offerta di servizi avanzati

GB2 Requisiti prossimi cui dovranno rispondere i contatori intelligenti e le tecnologie più adatte a supportare nuove funzionalità embedded

GB3 Supportare le utilities nell’offerta di servizi innovativi: sfide e opportunità di business

GB4 Energy Storage: performance tecniche e sviluppo del mercato

GB5 Come sono affrontate le tematiche di gestione e sicurezza nel contesto architetturale delle Smart Grid

GB6 Considerazioni e quadro normativo su e privacy e proprietà dei dati



Efficienza Energetica e Tecnologie Abilitanti

ES1 Edge e Fog Computing nel mondo Energia

ES2 Logiche previsionali all’interno dell’efficienza energetica negli impianti

ES3 Collegamento tra tecnologia e sistemi di valutazione. Il protocollo IPMVP

ES4 Casi di successo di progetti in ambito Energy Storage

The international conference about scenarios, technology trends, business models and investment opportunities.


M1.1   The IoT ecosystem, overcoming business models and revenue opportunities in vertical markets

M1.2   The Datification of business : how to generate value by extracting the right information from data and turning information into actionable intelligence

M1.3   Connected industries: the many ways IoT technologies, robotic devices  and weareable technologies intersect creating new applications and business opportunities in vertical markets such as health and automotive

M1.4   Improving operational efficiency and finding opporunities for growth through the Industrial IoT

M1.5   Understanding the impact of IoT on the customer experience (CX) and becoming a customer-centric organization



M2.1  IoT skills shortage: filling the gap of skills and understanding in a technology sector which is currently evolving at a relentless pace

M2.2  From Horizon 2020 to Venture Capitalists: funding opportunities for the IoT business

M2.3  The investors’ perspective: emerging sectors, key success factors and strategies in the Internet of Things field

M2.4  Pitchfire event: A group of selected startups and scaleups under the spotlight for presentation to corporate ventures and professional investors



M3.1 IoT connectivity strategies: is 5G network-based communications the definitive solution?

M3.2 Artificial Intelligence, practical and actionable developments that have the potential to drive the business value

M3.3 The complex and fast changing landscape of IoT Platforms. The integration with existing business intelligence systems

M3.4 IoT Analytics, managing and analyzing Big Data in IoT business applications

M3.55 Is Blockchain technology the missing link to settle scalability, privacy, and reliability concerns in the Internet-of-Things?



M4.1 Addressing the major cybersecurity issues and safety concerns

M4.1 Interoperability, standardization and regulatory issues

M4.2 Privacy management as one of the most important factor for IoT monetization

M4.2 New risk management approaches needed to protect the enterprises critical information

The first ever meeting about the IoT emerging roles in end-user companies

Round table: Towards the profile of Chief Officer, strategist and multidisciplinary

  • IoT as a strategic tool within the company: challenges and key factors to consider
  • New occupational profiles and evolution of existing locations
  • Chief Officer and similar figures examples
  • IoT Ecosystem and business models, organize resources for projects IoT
  • University and enterprises: State of the art technical-disciplinary knowledge training that companies need to address the challenges IoT


Digital transformation for the smart factory

IN1 Sistemi produttivi oggi e in prospettiva, tra adozione delle tecnologie innovative e re-ingegnerizzazione dei processi

IN2 Esperienze, progetti e soluzioni oggi disponibili nei vari settori d’industria

IN3 Ecosistema, competenze e open innovation nella quarta rivoluzione industriale

IN4 Focus sulle strategie di sostegno alla competitività. Le prospettive del Piano Nazionale

The new business frontier in the digital era

The spread of billions of interconnected devices IoT requires to ensure safety of data transmission and in the authorization of accesses to devices but also the protection of privacy and process reliability for billing of services used.
The growing number of high-profile cyber-attacks highlights the vulnerability of the systems online. Concern is growing about the adequacy of security and privacy, as well as an awareness of the quantity and value of information which can be deduced from the seemingly insignificant data monitoring, such as those collected by energy utilities counters. Users of smart devices must be assured that their data are managed properly in accordance with the required level of privacy.
This session examines the wide range of issues related to security and confidentiality in M2M and Internet of Things and will be explored what needs to be done to maintain critical infrastructure resilient to attacks.


  • security solutions that balance cost, simplicity and protection according to application requirements
  • the case of utility-security aspects in smart meters
  • cyber threats, malicious attacks and unintentional Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, malware and data loss
  • privacy concerns in your applications to the Internet of things
  • automated access to data the pervasiveness: prospects for security and legal regulations in acquiring, storing, exchanging and managing data IoT


(programs being defined with thematic partners)