The leading Italian conference on M2M and IoT


Evolution scenarios for the IoT technology  impacting infrastructures and enterprises

May 16 – 9.15 am – 12:00 am
Room Washington A

Key Takeaways

  • World market overview, technology trends and industry driving factors of M2M-IoT technologies
  • Regulation scenarios for the widespread availability of the IoT digital technologies
  • Between new business models and Open Innovation, the changing shape of the IoT ecosystem

Chairman: Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

9:15 am Welcome address by the event organizer

9:30 am How things are going with the Internet of Things!  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=29]
Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

9:55 am IoT regulatory issues  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=17]
Laura Rovizzi, CEO, Open Gate Italia

10:20 am IoT as the infrastructure for services  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=20]
Roberto Saracco, Director, EIT Digital Italy

10:45 am The Home of IoT: an innovation leading-edge ecosystem  for enterprises  abstract  [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=16]
Giacomo Piccini, Cluster Manager, Cluster SCC Lombardia and Director, Distretto Green & High Tech MB

11:10 am Mobile IoT: 3GPP standard for LPWA networks and IoT security  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=25]
Barbara Pareglio, Technology Director Connected Living Programme, GSMA

11:35 pm Q&A

11:40 pm End of session

Coffee break

IOT/WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP  1280px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg

May 16 –  12.10 pm – 1:10 pm
Room Washington A

With over 13 years running successful competitions, the Innovation World Cup Series is the world leading competition in the areas of IOT and wearables. The search for the world’s best IoT and Wearable Tech solutions continues this year with the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup 2017/18. Developers, innovative startups and researchers from all over the world are invited to submit their breakthrough IOT/WT solutions free of charge until November 18, 2017.

At IOTHINGS 2017, international key players and partners of the Innovation World Cup Series join us on stage to unveil the latest developments in the world of Internet of Things, including low power wide area networks/narrow band, IoT security, powering the IoT, semiconductors, wearables.

Sonja Sulzmaier, Managing Partner, Navispace 

12:10 pm Speakers:

Tracy Hopkins, Marketing Committee Chair, LoRa Alliance and CCO, Everynet

Bringing trust to the IoT – Connect. Secure. Monetize.
Fedele Gallileo, Sales Manager Italy, Gemalto M2M

VARTA: The right energy source for Smart World Devices
Andrea Ballarini, International Business Development Manager, VARTA Microbattery

Ready-to-go eco-system for IoT and wearable innovators
Marco Veneri, Divisional Marketing Manager for RF products, STMicroelectronics

Connected IoT devices – how to become part of it
Mauro Diotti, BDM Healthcare Italy, EBV Elektronik

1:10 pm End of session


Solutions available today and in the upcoming future

May 16  – 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Room Washington A

Key Takeaways

  • Technology and solutions: the news for the enterprises world
  • Supporting the business decision-making process through Big Data and IoT Analytics
  • Cloud and fog computing, infrastructures for analyzing and acting on IoT data
  • Open source architectures

Chairman: Giambattista Gruosso, Electro Technical Professor, Politecnico di Milano

2:30 pm Iot solution for smart manifacturing
Giambattista Gruosso, Professore di Elettrotecnica, Politecnico di Milano

2:55 pm Managing data in highly distributed networks, the Blockchain protocol opportunities for the IoT world
Massimo Brignoli, Principal Solution Architect , Mongodb

3:20 pm Wireless technologies and unconventional visions  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=22]
Paola Visentin, Marketing & Communication Manager, Rfid Global

3:45 pm Making IoT possible with Cloudera – Case Study Shoppermotion: data driven retail
Andrea Fantini, Account Manager, Cloudera
Marco Doncel, CTO, Shoppermotion

4:10 pm Everyware: COLLECT. ANALYSE. ACT.  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=43]
Michelangelo Chasseur, Co-founder e CEO, Everyware

4:20 pm Accelerate IoT Big Data Analyitcs  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=18]
Matteo Rulli, CTO, Flairbit

4:30 pm How to handle IOTs with High level of Security with Opencloud Factory
Mehdi Bouzoubaa, VP EMEA, Opencloud Factory

4:40 pm Cloud4Drones platform enables live use of drone- collected data
Maurizio Griva, Activity Leader, Cloud4Drones

4:50 pm Data-driven Enterprise: il monitoraggio esteso di SocialOmeters per l’ottimizzazione del business
Marco Brambilla, Founder, Fluxedo

5:00 pm IoT connectivity and new needs in the “No Power” remote monitoring
Giuseppe Anastasi, Direttore Tecnico, Anastasi Consulting
Giuseppe Pittari, CEO, ISE

5:20 pm IoT, data protection and the need to start from the design and manufacturing stage
Michela Maggi, Business Lawyer, Studio Legale Maggi

5:40 pm Q&A

5:45 pm End of session


Comparison among systems and case histories

May 17 – 2:30 pm – 5:45 pm
Room Washington A

Key Takeaways

  • The IoT backbone: analyzing the LPWA, LTE-5G and satellite networks
  • Low Power Networks: available solutions, ecosystem and evolution of local networks
  • Use cases and best practices for the adoption of the diverse connectivity systems

Chairman: Gaetano Pellegrino, Senior Consultant, Open Gate Italia

2:30 pm IoT enabling technologies: how to address the technical requirements in vertical sectors: case histories  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=30]
Gaetano Pellegrino, Consulente Senior, Open Gate Italia 

2:55 pm Private Network on Narrow-Band solution for Industrial IoT  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=32]
Maximilian Moccia, Regional technical manager Italy, Cambium Networks

3:20 pm Nettrotter and Sigfox: IoT solutions adopted on national and global scale
Carlos Lambarri, CEO, Nettrotter

3:45 pm Real use cases at the a2asmartcity’s smart city lab  abstract[Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=14]
Pierpaolo Palazzoli, Head of operations and innovation projects, A2A Smart City

4:05 pm Smart City by Opendot. An open system full of opportunities and technology services linking  communities , enterprises and governance  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=47]
Alessandro Masserdotti, Co-Founder, Dotdotdot e Opendot

4:15 pm The Things Network. You are the network, let’s build this thing together  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=35]
Luca Cremonini, Presidente, Associazione The Things Network Italy
Wienke Giezeman, Initiator, The Things Network (from remote)

4:40 pm Tracy Hopkins, Marketing Committee Chair, LoRa Alliance and CCO, Everynet

5:05 pm How to industrialize IoT customized solutions: a practical case by Sphinx
Stefano Martinaglia, Sales Account Manager, Sphinx Connect Italia
Clément Gutierres, Sales Director France, Spain & Italy, Sphinx Connect

5:30 pm Q&A

5:45 pm End of session

The conference for the embedded technology in the l’Internet of Things space


Beyond just distribution: market overview, technology trends and development of  the Internet of Energy


May 16 – 9.15 am – 13:35pm
Room Washington B

Key Takeaways

  •  Digitalization and customer experience: enabling the adoption of the cutting-edge services among customers in the public and private sector
  • Helping utilities in offering new services: challenges and opportunities
  • Enablers for the Smart City: the opportunities by extending the Smart Grid urban infrastructures and the value added services
  • Observations and regulation framework

Chairman: Davide Chiaroni, Deputy Manager, Energy & Strategy Group

9:20 am Welcome address by the event organizer

9:30 am Digital Energy: beyond Internet of Things and Industry 4.0  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=39]
Cristian Pulitano, Managing Director, Energy & Strategy Group

9:55 am The “remote monitoring” of energy consumption: mixing innovative technology for data capture (IoT) , processing and high-level management
Domenico Dellarole, representative of Gruppo Telecontrollo Supervisione and Automazione delle Reti, ANIE Automazione

10:20 am Smart Meter Gas: the regulation framework  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=9]
Cristiano Fiameni, Technical Director, CIG –  Comitato Italiano Gas 

10:45 am The digital transformation of energy companies – the viewpoint of an international player abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=19]
Leonardo Santi, Responsabile Affari Regolatori, E.ON Connecting Energies Italia

11:10 am Coffee break

11:30 am Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster, Smart Water Metering perspectives
Carmen Disanto, Cluster Manager, LE2C
Gianni Tartari, IRSA CNR

11:55 am Case study: Intelligent Lighting based on Comarch Smart Lighting solution
Grzegorz Wachocki, Director of IoT Department, Comarch Technologies

12:20 pm The business model evolution in the energy markets
Claudio MoscardiniManaging Director Bunisess Unit Generazione & Energy Management, Sorgenia

12:45 pm Tecnologie efficienti per il settore alberghiero: il percorso di Boscolo Hotels
Massimo Fiscaletti, Partner, Enerqos

1:10 pm e-distribuzione

1:30 pm Q&A

1:35 pm End of session


Enabling technology for energy management: Storage, estimation, measurement, management

in collaboration with ASSOESCOo

May 17 – 9.30 am – 1:00 pm
Room Washington A

Chairman: Roberto Maietti, Editor-in-chief, City Life Magazine and Past President ANIE Automazione

9:30 am Welcome address
Vittorio Cossarini, Member of the Board,  ASSOESCOo

9:40 am Session schedule and opening remarks
Roberto Maietti, Direttore Responsabile City Life Magazine e Past President ANIE Automazione

10:05 am Case study and energy storage applications in cutting-edge markets
Davide Afonso, Project Manager, Energy Storage Solutions – E.ON

10:25 am Foreseeability and Machine Learning
Carlo Corallo, CEO, ElettroGreen Power 

10:45 am Energy Industrial Iot and Energy Big Data
Andrea Sasso, CEO, PH Power

11:05 am Coffee break

11:25 am IoT and Predictivity in the energy world
Fabio Massimo Marchetti, Business Development Advisor, VAR Sirio Industria   

11:45 pm Misura e verifica delle prestazioni e il protocollo IPMVP
Daniele Forni, Chief Technology Officer, FIRE

12:05 pm Raddoppiare la redditività di qualunque sistema di storage con l’intelligenza artificiale
Niccolò Teodori, CEO, Elemize Technologies

12:25 pm IoT “Remote monitoring” for plants: from systems efficiency to remote control through new technologies
Giuseppe Anastasi, Direttore Tecnico, Anastasi Consulting
Giuseppe Scaccianoce, Managing Director, Anastasi Consulting Singapore

12:45 pm Q&A

12:50 pm Closing remarks
Roberto Olivieri, President ASSOESCOo

1:00 pm End of session


May 16
2.30 pm – 5:00 pm
Room Club Bar

Chairman: Sergio Sciarmella, Owner, Next Manager

2:30 pm IoT: tra evoluzione e rivoluzione
Sergio Sciarmella, Owner, Next Manager

2:55 pm The role of technology in the contant health care: challenging the chronic deseases  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=36]
Furio Gramatica, Head of Technology Innovation and Health Technology Assessment, Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi

3:20 pm Exploiting IoT in the Health and Wellbeing domain  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=11]
Raffaele Giaffreda, Chief IoT Scientist, FBK CREATE-NET

3:45 pm The IoT takes the field – The AGTECH value chain for irrigation 4.0  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=23]
Marco Ciarletti, CEO, Soonapse

3:55 pm Agricolus: making the use of IoT in daily farming activities easier
Andrea Cruciani,  ‎CEO and co-founder, TeamDev

4:05 pm Connected insurance e nuove tecnologie: innovazione e affidabilità per un miglior servizio
Valerio Matarrese, Innovation, R&D Automotive, Generali Innovation Center

4:30 pm Dalla Smart City alla Smart Domotics, esperienze di interconnessione per offrire servizi avanzati   abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=33]
Mauro Borgo, Innovation and Research Engineer, BFT

4:55 pm Beyond “connected cars”: ubiquity in the Internet of Things vision abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=45]
Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

5:20 pm Q&A

5:30 pm End of session


Digital transformation for the smart factory

May 17  – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Room Club Bar

  • Production systems as of today and in the next future, innovative technology adoption and process re-engineering
  • Experiences, projects and solutions currently available in the various industries
  • Insights on helping the competitiveness strategies. Implementing the National Plan

Chairman: Stefano Soliano, Manager, ComoNExT

10:00 am Opening remarks and introductory speech
Stefano Soliano, Manager, ComoNExT

10:10 am IoT Scenarios in the manufacturing sector
Fabio Massimo Marchetti, President of Gruppo Software Industriale ANIE Automazione

10:35 am Industry 4.0: key factors and digital technology for a successful competition  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=7]
Luca Cremona, Assistant Professor of Information Systems, LIUC – Università Cattaneo

11:00 am Beacon Bluetooth Low Energy for  Industry 4.0: applications and opportunities  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=24]
Alessio Cucini, Administrator, Blue Up

11:10 am A IoT integrated plaftform for Industry 4.0  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=38]
Vincenzo Lombardi, Chief IoT Officier, Futuryng

11:20 am Coffee break

11:40 am The contribution of certified professionals for successful projects in Industry 4.0
Massimiliano Margarone, Vice President, CIII – Comitato Italiano Ingegneri dell’Informazione

12:05 pm Developing a new industrial eco-system: enabling technologies and management skills
Andrea Penza, President, AEIT-AICT

12:30 pm Rivoluzionare il lavoro per cambiare il futuro: scenari, opportunità e minacce della 4a Rivoluzione Industriale  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=31]
Giovanni Zanier, Owner, Elettronica Strategica

12:55 pm Q&A

13:00 pm End of Session

The new business frontier in the digital era

May 17 – 2:30 pm – 4:15 pm
Room Club Bar

Chairman: Raffaele Giaffreda, Chief IoT Scientist, FBK CREATE-NET

2:30 pm Apertura dei lavori
Raffaele Giaffreda, Chief IoT Scientist, FBK CREATE-NET

 2:35 pm Industrial Internet, IIoT, Cyber Security, Cloud and mobile equipments for control and remote control systems  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=42]
Enzo M. Tieghi, Coordinator of the “Internet of Things” research area, CSA Italy

3:00 pm Why is my fridge speaking Klingon? – The importance of interoperability and security in the Connected World  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=10]
Colin Forrester, Business Development Manager, UL

3:25 pm Redborder: The NTA & Cybersecurity Open Platform
Cristina de la Maza, COO, Redborder

3:35 pm Disrupting Cyber Crime and tackling future threats
Jonathan Partouche, CEO, Origone

3:45 pm  IoT & IoX Cybersecurity: are we ready for the first Hackmageddon?  abstract [Wow-Modal-Windows-Pro id=46]
Raoul Chiesa, Founder and President, Security Brokers

4:10 pm Q&A

4:15 pm End of session